Romance flings in air

intense peeps…

hideous smiles…

love is uncanny…

longing stare…

craving touch…

love is uncanny…

thievish eyes…

selfish heart…

this love is uncanny…

ardent desire…

tempting feelings…

this love is one hundred percent uncanny…



Thank you 2018

a27492b8-630d-438f-8cd7-beb33f2565a1Thank you 2018 for the relishing memories.

You piled up a lot of happiness in me.

Thank you 2018 for the heartbreaking moments.

You uplifted me to face new challenges.

Thank you 2018 for the hatred instances.

You helped me what to choose and what not.

Thank you 2018 for the victorious achievements.

You made me to taste the state of success.

Thank you 2018 for the new opportunities.

You paved a way to find the “new me”.

Thank you 2018 for all your sweetness and bitterness.

Thank you indeed!.

Man or beast !?

Have we gone into that extent where we quantify relationships?. Have we gone into that era where we require a weighing balance to sort our feelings for others?. Have we gone into that extent where relationships should be renamed into “a grabbing and throwing state”?. May it be any form , father-daughter, mother-son , gf-bf etc. Are the so called egoes  outweighing much over in our lives!?. If he texts a “hi” , she will text him “hi” the very next day. And that pure bond between a father and a daughter has got all the nastiness in it these days. Moms who gave birth to their sons often kill them atrociously. Benevolence, honesty, trust , truthfulness… Has everything shattered into mud in our hearts ?!


The colours of life

You know what! , there are two different tinges of colours exhibited in me. There is a “good me” and there is a “bad me”. The “good me” is dressed in white and possesses a heart free from all impurities. But the “bad me” is mudded with all forms of ugly substances, especially dirt. And there was a time when I was under the suppression of the bad me , I was in utter darkness. I did all things which I later found weren’t meaningful and cheap. I simply wandered around lonely , to a little fact wasted life a bit. But when the ‘bad me effect ‘ was into its extremity and was about to kill me , I heard a knock. And there I saw the” good me “, dressed in white.
I was in a black shaggy clothing with dirt all along my body , and almost stunned at her presence. I could feel my heart burdened. I didn’t know what that burden was….But later I realised it was the pain , distress and sorrow. Under it’s suffocation , I was about to destroy myself, when the” good me” approached me. Dressed in white , she snatched my hand firmly in her and ran over miles with me. I didn’t know wherever she was taking me. All around seemed so unfamiliar. But I could sense one thing. As I ran along with her, my feet was first crumbled and broken by the thrones underneath. But after a while , those thrones were replaced by tiny rocks ,the tiny rocks by little pebbles and latter came the soft velvet mud. Those mud healed my wounds under my feet. There I reached a place with light everywhere, with chirpings of the birds , the trees that protected me from the heavy sunlight and poured honey to my lips. The whole atmosphere was serene. The” good me” came near me and removed my torn dress and I felt shame everywhere. She covered me with a beautiful white gown and placed a flowered crown over my head. I took a stroll around the woods . I heard the giggling of the water and thought a stream is flowing nearby. I went to the stream and saw my own reflection on it. There I stood like an angel . I was so delighted that I danced for some while. But then suddenly a vulture , a black vulture came and took me in its claws . It dropped me into a big tunnel with darkness all over. I cried and cried until I fell asleep . When I woke up , I saw my clothes were dirty again and tiny wounds came into my body. I was in a battle then ,in a quest . Should I go once again to the woods through thrones , horny rocks , and velvet mud to reach the “good me” or should I move towards the darkness in the tunnel to the “bad me”?.
Life likewise , is a matter of quest . It’s a battle between “the good you” and “the bad you”. You would have to step into the thrones , rocks that tear your feet and ultimately walk through the velvet mud. There you would get all forms of happiness. But at times, the vulture snatches you and puts you in a dark , scary tunnel. Again you would have to go through the thrones , rocks to get into the beautiful woods. But there is also an other turn around. You can easily move into the darkness and subject yourself into all forms of evilness. It’s you who decides your turn. You can either win or loose the battle of life. You are always the driver in the journey of your life.

The richest woman in the world!

I wanted to become the richest woman in the world ,
adorned not with sparkling silver or glittering gold,
but with a handful of kind hearted people.
I wanted to become the richest woman in the world,
enriched not with giant bank accounts or pyramids of pounds,
but owing a clear mind ; sieving all impurities.
I wanted to become the richest woman in the world,
owning no giant mansions or shiny spoons,
but being myself as a dutiful child of god…
Yes; I might be the poorest among the poor….
But I always wanted to be rich, so rich , with an ever fulfilling heart….

Yes, I’m positive!

Yes, I’m positive, HIV positive.
And hey you !
Don’t ever try to glance at me.
Don’t ever try to come near me.
Coz what if my blood oozes in your veins?
Or what if I try to mate you!
Hey you!
Greet me with your scary looks.
Reward me with your hatred heart.
Coz once I had committed a “sin”;
A sin when my eyes turned lusty
and my acts became nasty.
Hey you!
I love your ruthless glare .
I admire your mocking stare.
Coz all I deserve in this planet
is your detestation , your execration
and ultimate murder…